Saber-tooth Ground Squirrel

Saber-tooth Ground Squirrel.

My first nationally published image. Continuing digging through old images this week, I found the first image of mine that was published in a national magazine. It goes to Canada too, so maybe international. Nature Photographer Magazine published this image back in the early 90s. I think my title of “Saber-tooth Ground Squirrel” may have caught the eye of the editors, hopefully making them smile. Maybe it was enough to get them to publish it. Since then I had articles and images printed with them so maybe that catchy title helped to form a relationship. The editor Helen and I remain friends to this day. If you haven’t ever checked out the magazine, pick one up, it is worth it.

The ground squirrel was photographed outside the restrooms in the Jenny Lake area of Grand Teton National Park. They were everywhere and I simply took out a long lens, got close to the ground and waited. The ground squirrel surprised me by striking this pose with the flower head it ate.

Sabertooth Groundsquirrel 2 copy


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