Elk in Fog

Elk in Fog.

A lot of Social Media has “Throwback Thursday” and this is my submission for today. I did this many years ago in Yellowstone NP during the fall rut. This guy was the boss, he even had a name…Charger. Charger earned his name for charging photographers who got too close. He was often photographed with a tripod, camera and lens in his antlers running off into the woods. I think the Rangers had trained him so they would get great new gear. Just kidding about the getting new gear of course. Charger was poached by some yahoos later that year. I always check in with the Rangers when I am in an area hiking and the Park Service contacted me and a lot of other folks for images to distribute of Charger. The idiots were caught when they tried to take Charger in for mounting. His rack was easily recognizable from the many images photographers supplied.

For me this has always been a special image. I can still hear Charger bugling off into the fog for his harem and warning other males to stay away. This image was also selected as a 2 page spread in Wyoming Wildlife Magazine a couple years back. Sorry I don’t remember all the image details, but it was film shot through a Nikon F4s.

Bull Elk 2 copy


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