Building your own backyard Bird Studio

Building your own backyard Bird Studio.

I have posted some basic instructions before, but just in case you didn’t see them…

The first thing for me is to find a window that has a clear view of an area about 8 to 9 feet away. I like an area that is separated from the woods or another background object by about 20-30 feet. Then about 5 feet from the window(or if you choose to use a blind outside) place a feeder or two. Then about 2 to 3 feet from there construct a set of branches for the birds to land and perch while they wait for an opening at the feeders. I also place several feeders on the sticks with a variety of food types. I put out mainly black sunflower seeds, suet and dried meal worms. You can see the “log” hanging down in the image which I have drilled a 1″ hole into and fill with suet to give the woodpeckers and sapsuckers a place to perch as well.

The area I chose is fairly well lit but not often with direct light giving me soft smooth even light. The birds will be most active in morning and evening so be ready. I have found if they aren’t visiting regularly, I just move the feeders around to different spots on the poles and they seem to respond quickly. Evelyn comments that I need an air traffic controller for the activity most of the time!

I shoot in Aperture Priority at about f8 usually, and select an ISO to get a shutter speed of at least 1/100th of a second. Have fun!

Pine Siskin 020215e copy


Bird Studio 020215a copy


Bird Studio 020215b copy


2 Responses to “Building your own backyard Bird Studio”

  1. Linda Geiger Says:

    Wondering if you have removed (or do not have) the screen from the window from which you are shooting?

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