Is it stuffed?

Is it stuffed?

Yesterday we had a dusting of snow which meant two good things for my bird studio efforts. Lots of birds and great muted light. Usually Tufted Titmouse are skiddish and move quickly, but this one actually cooperated and posed a little. He was so still that when I looked at the image I almost thought it looked like a stuffed bird!

Tamron SP 150-600mm Di VC USD lens on a Nikon D-800, Aperture Priority, f8, -.7 stops of exposure compensation, ISO 1600, resulting in a shutter speed of 1/250th of a second, Vanguard Abeo Plus tripod and Wimberley head, processed in Lightroom 5.

Tufted Titmouse 020215b copy


4 Responses to “Is it stuffed?”

  1. I need a better lens…LOL Beautiful!

  2. lilybug1960 Says:

    LOL! That Tamron is a sharp lens!

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