Some Astro Photography tips.

Some Astro Photography tips.

I am by no means an expert on Astro Photography. I am learning it as I go from all the sources I can find. Here are a few things that I have learned though that might help get you started. I use a wide angle lens somewhere between 15mm and 24mm. I set the camera to manual mode, 30 seconds, ISO 3200, f-stop on about f4, manual focus to infinity, then back just a little, I set the WB to 3100K. It is imperative you use a good sturdy tripod, I use the Vanguard carbon fiber most of the time, sometimes aluminum. A cable release or self timer is needed. Go somewhere that light pollution is not an issue. Point the camera up and shoot. You may need to adjust the ISO and/or shutter speed to get the perfect exposure.

Now you have an image on your card, processing is half the game. You will need to adjust the contrast, noise and clarity to get the right look. I Googled processing the Milky Way in Lightroom and found some great tips on how to do it. Patience is the key with the processing.

Like I said, I am no means an expert, but I hope you will go out and at least try it. Worst case scenario is you slow down your life and enjoy the beauty above us.

This is a 2 frame pano I shot using the Tamron 10-24mm Di-II lens on a Canon 70D, using the settings above (yep you have to read it), Vanguard Alta Pro tripod and BBH-200 head, combined in Photoshop CC and processed in Lightroom 5.

Milky Way Pano 011815a copy


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