Lower Fall Branch Falls

Lower Fall Branch Falls.

As I mentioned yesterday, drizzle, fog, even light rain, a great day to hike to a waterfall. We set out for nearby Ellijay and Cherry Log, Georgia. It is nice having a waterfall just a short drive and hike nearby. After parking a short 1/4 mile hike and we were at the falls. There is another fall just above this one that I will share probably tomorrow. Yes, it is Upper Fall Branch Falls. The rain actually held out on drenching us until we were about 50 yards from the car. I look forward to visiting these falls in the future!

Tamron 28-300mm Di VC PZD lens on a Nikon D-800, Aperture Priority, f16, -1.3 stops of exposure compensation, ISO 100, resulting in a shutter speed of 1.6 seconds, Marumi Circular Polarizer to reduce glare, Vanguard Abeo Pro tripod and BBH-200 head, processed in Lightroom 5.

Fall Branch Falls 011215f copy


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