The End of an Era

The end of an era.

Today is the end of an era of sorts for me. Today we finalize the sale and close on our house in Hiram/Powder Springs. It was our home for 11 years. The house was part of a subdivision built on an old farm site. When we moved in they were a couple of weeks from tearing down the old greenhouse the owners had maintained for so many years. I asked if I could go dig up some of the flowers before they leveled it. Of course they said yes. So beneath the magnolia that I have photographed for all these years (it was 20 feet tall when we moved in, and over 40 feet tall today), and around the house, I planted all the daylily, spiderwort, and everything else. They have been great subjects for me to shoot over the last years. I did transplant some of them over the past 3 years to Bear Woods, but I of course could not move my magnolia tree. I will miss shooting it and the aroma of the blossoms. But we are truly where home is to us though, Bear Woods.

Magnolia 052214c copy


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