Mount Rundle Peaks

Mount Rundle Peaks.

As we are moving some of the last loads of stuff from the flatlands house to Bear Woods, I am looking at what images on the walls will replace some hanging. One of my personal favorite images is one we did about 8 yearsago on a trip to Banff. It had snowed the evening before and I wanted to get some images along Vermillion Lake. As I arrived I noticed snow blowing from the top of Mount Rundle. I put on a longer lens to zoom in on the peak. I could see the sun was rising to the left and slightly behind it. I knew it would put on a show. There was a workshop group about 20 feet away shooting reflections on the lake. One participant saw me with a longer lens and came over to inquire if I was shooting wildlife. I let him look through the viewfinder. He left out a sigh, picked up his gear walked over to the group and pointed at me. By then the light show was over. The group picked up their gear, loaded it in the van and drove off. The one person did give me a smile and a thumbs up as he drove by. I am not so sure the others were showing me their thumbs…



3 Responses to “Mount Rundle Peaks”

  1. Mikki Dillon Says:

    Gorgeous shot! Bet they regretted not turning around earlier! 🙂

    Sent from my iPad

  2. lilybug1960 Says:

    Thanks! It is too easy to get caught up sometimes on a preconceived subject I guess.

  3. I have to admit… It’s rare when a photograph really hits my emotions… This is one of those times. Wonderful photo 🙂

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