It never happens overnight…

It never happens overnight.

I am often approached by photographers that want to do this for a living. First, I encourage everyone to chase their dreams. I do try to warn folks that it never happens overnight, if it did it could disappear just as quickly. If a steady pay check that never varies week to week is a necessity, look somewhere else. Things take time. I truly believe if you are in a job that constricts who you are, that is when you learn to live with less money but much more happiness. I have Evelyn, my 2 golden girls, and I get to express my creative side each and every day…yes I am truly blessed in my opinion.

Today’s photo is an example in several ways as to how it takes time. Just as the caterpillar took time to become a butterfly, it took almost 2 1/2 years from the time Scholastic Books contacted me about using several of my images for a book. I don’t get paid until it was published. Hang in there, chase your dreams, it doesn’t happen overnight, but the chase is worth the reward. Keep your eyes out for “Fly Away” on Library Book shelves soon, I have 3 whole pages of the 8 page book! I know I have several friends that would pick it up because it has big print and lots of pictures…

Fly Away books copy


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