A few feet closer to Heaven

A few feet closer to Heaven.

No I am not near death, plus if I were, I might be headed to a warmer climate. One thing I will always take a minute or two, at the very least, to enjoy is our view of the stars here in Bear Woods. We are far enough away from the lights of the Atlanta and Jasper not to worry about light pollution. Also we are at about 3000 feet in altitude which often puts us above a lot of the haze. I enjoy stepping out the front door, standing in the driveway and just looking up. I often wondering how many beings are out there doing the same thing at that very moment.

Rokinon 8mm fisheye lens on a Sony a7R, Manual Mode, f4, 30 seconds, focused just shy of Infinity, Vanguard Alta Pro tripod and BBH-200 head, processed in Lightroom 5.

Milky Way 111814b copy

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