Tools of the trade

Tools of the trade.

I learned a little about oyster rakes this past trip to Apalachicola. I hadn’t given it much thought as to there being a difference in the rakes but there is a big difference. One of the workshop participant’s husbands was an oysterman when he was younger and it was a pleasure talking with him and learning so much. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable, he was a great guy and very funny as well. Plus he could double for Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty. The length of the rake and number of teeth vary for the conditions you are fishing in, it is much like a photographer using different lenses to best work a scene.

Tamron 16-300mm Di-II VC PZD Macro lens on a Canon 70D, Aperture Priority, f16, -1 stop of exposure compensation, ISO 100 resulting in a shutter speed of 1/8th of a second, Vanguard Alta Pro tripod and BBH-200 head, processed in Lightroom 5.

Eastpoint 110414d copy


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