Palmetto Leaf

Palmetto Leaf

Sometimes a subject just doesn’t jump out at you. Sometimes you have to do a little searching. On the 2nd night of our workshop we went to an area of Apalachicola known as 8 Mile, different one Detroit. The clouds were thick and the scenic images were going to be few and far between. I had scouted a little earlier in the day and felt that the palmetto leaves would make for a great subject if needed. Well it was needed. Although the sun did put on a show for us right at sunset and for about 3 minutes. I kind of miss the 60 degree days we had down in Apalachicola considering it is 21 degrees here in Bear Woods this morning…

Sony RX-100 M3, hand held using the optical stabilizer in camera, Aperture Priority, f4.5, -.7 stops of exposure compensation, ISO 400, resulting in a shutter speed of 1/40th of a second, processed in Lightroom 5 after converting the image to BW using Topaz BW Effects 2.

Palmetto 110814b copy


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