A great morning in Cades Cove

I didn’t get to post earlier, 3 friends and I went to the Smoky Mountains for a day trip. I really needed it. On the way home I found out the results of my biopsy from the Dermatologist…everything is good!

I am posting 3 photos tonight because of the great story with them. I was hoping to arrive at Sparks Lane and do a shot with the 16-300mm at 16mm of the lane with a big buck nearby…heck. Then I did a shot of the deer at 300mm…check. All of a sudden another buck bolts from the growth beside the first one and they take off together. I look to my right and see a mother bear with three cubs! The bears went into a cherry tree and fed for some time. We actually left but we knew it was only a matter of time that a Ranger would run the idiots under the tree off. We were shooting from about 150 feet or more away and got some great shots. I will post some in the next few days.

Tamron 16-300mm Di-II VC PZD Macro lens on a Canon 7D, Aperture Priority, different setting for the different scenes as well as ISO for the need to try and stop the movement. Vanguard Abeo Pro tripod and BBH-200 head, processed in Lightroom 5.

GSMNP 082114a copy


GSMNP 082114b copy


GSMNP 082114d copy

2 Responses to “A great morning in Cades Cove”

  1. Photos close to home Says:

    You were smart to see the dermatologist. Early this year they sliced off the very tip of my nose – basil cell carcinoma. Wife says I’m now ruggedly handsome.

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